Training Programs

ZoukMX has created a series of special programs for those interested in additional training and getting the most out of our visiting artist from Brazil! Breaking out the programs allows us to keep the festival affordable but at the same time provide additional training for those focused on improvement.  These are premium programs.

Program Tip!

Stay in our Zouk Hostel, it’s right next to our programs and most will stay here! It’s only $12 – $17 per night!

New for 2020: 100 Hour Training!

Our goal is to significantly improve the level of dance  through an intensive 100 hour training taught by qualified  native Brazilian instructors.  A focus on technical and theoretical aspects of the dance in a structured and fun environment meant to create a special experience. It is the only 100 hour intensive program in North America!

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100 Hour Training

ZoukMX 100 features;

  • July 6-30, 2020
  • 100 Hour Program
  • 5 Structured Sessions
  • 4-5 native Brazilian instructors from ZoukMX festival team
  • Only 100 Intensive in North America
  • Details:

Zouk Needs You!

Zouk Needs You program is program created by Val and Vanessa.  They have been running the popular program for years out of Rio De Janeiro and with some special editions in Europe. It will be the only time program is held in North America. It is a 3 day program schedule to run before the Teacher Training and ZoukMX.

Val and Vanessa – Zouk Needs You

Zouk Needs You


  • Dates for 2020 being confirmed
  • 3 Day Program
  • 12 Hours Training
  • Only Edition in North America

Teacher Training

For those interested in advanced training and with an eye on possibly teaching this is for you. It’s our second year and we are focused on having the best teachers guide you on your journey. We’re focused on making the program be cohesive and progressive through your 3 day journey. All levels are welcome, some classes will be divided between beginners and advanced/intermediate to allow for a good experience. The training will be held at Yogaloft in Playa Del Carmen.

Teacher Training


  • 3 Day Program
  • July 28 – July 30, 2020
  • 15-18 hours of training
  • Best Brazilian Zouk teachers
  • Most Teachers not available anywhere else in North America
  • Includes socials
  • Includes epic ZoukMX Cave Pre-party and more!

Xandy Liberato 1 Week Program

Every year we host a one week program with Xandy Liberato. Each year we have a different theme. Every year all of the students agree the course is high value and a must attend. ZoukMX is the only place in North America to train with Xandy Liberato.

Xandy Liberato 1 Week Program


  • 5 Days of Training
  • 2 hours per day
  • July 31 – August 6, 2020 (one day of rest)
  • High value course
  • Only Xandy Liberato training program course in North America
  • Different course theme every year
  • The course can prepare you for his retreats in Spain!

ZoukMX Retreat

  • February 2020 Edition
  • August 2020 Post ZoukMX Edition

We have two ZoukMX editions. One in February to escape the North American winter and enjoy a special beach weather experience. We start in Playa and make our way to the beaches of Tulum.

Our other edition is a post ZoukMX retreat cool down to ground and relax us before heading back home.

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ZoukMX Retreat


  • February Edition
  • August Post ZoukMX Edition
  • Zouk courses by Int’l Zouk Teachers
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Feb 14-17, 2020
  • Aug 7-10, 2020
  • Limited group size