• 27 Jul 2019 - Saturday Zouk Needs You

    Zouk Needs You Program by Val & Vanessa will now be available in North America for the first time. Starting this year the program will be divided in modules/programs. Outside of North America the program is available in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

    The North America program is a 3 day 15 hour program and begins prior to ZoukMX. ZoukMX is now a 14 day festival with the addition of the program. There will be zouk socials and activities each night as well for those coming early for the programs.

    Pre Festival Training
  • 30 Jul 2019 - Tuesday Teacher Training Program

    Teacher training program is scheduled to begin Tuesday, July 30 until August 1, 2019. Three days of specialized training with focus on teacher techniques. The program will take place at Yogaloft. Yogaloft is an incredible venue. We’re excited to begin our yearly teacher training in this part of the world. All of the featured teachers for the training program are international professionals only available in Playa Del Carmen for North America training/festivals.

  • 01 Aug 2019 - Thursday Pre-Party

    Pre-party preparations currently being planned! We’ll be celebrating the closing of the teacher training and gearing up for the official start of the festival! Come early and join us! Check out our video featuring Dan making his way to Playa Del Carmen for the first time.

  • 02 Aug 2019 - Friday Classes on the Beach and Studio

    Festival begins with an array of classes at beautiful studios and beach front locations such as Yogaloft and also Inti Beach, yes beach front! Take a class, jump in the water and then get back in class!

    Festival Starts
  • 02 Aug 2019 - Friday Opening Party

    Opening party takes place beach front! Every year our kick off party is epic!

  • 03 Aug 2019 - Saturday Baila Brasil Show

    Our official Baila Brasil Showcase at the Playa Del Carmen’s brand new theatre complex. It’s an incredible full production state of the art venue. We’re excited to showcase artist in such an incredible place. You’ll be able to pre-party before the show, then have a sit down experience. Check out our video that shows clips of last years show, it was our first year!

  • 03 Aug 2019 - Saturday Show After Party

    After the show there’s the after party! Last year this venue was dubbed “the Warehouse”! Tons of space and we featured a fire show. Get ready for new surprises this year!

  • 04 Aug 2019 - Sunday Jungle Party

    Last year we tried out something different, a zouk party at a beach front jungle location! A true party in the middle of the Jungle! It was incredible! We brought in state of the sound and generator for power as well as some super cool lighted flooring. We’re doing it again this year and expanding on it. This will be our official night! As a note, we will have a rotating shuttle bus this year. Check out our video capturing the experience.

  • 05 Aug 2019 - Monday Yacht Party

    The Zouk Yacht Party is back! We had an INCREDIBLE time last time and we’re doing it again this year! SOLD OUT last time so please get with your Captain Alex Chang for further details and don’t complain later for missing out on an incredible once a year in North America Preparty on our very own Zouk Yacht! :-O

    We’ll cruise around for a few hours, bbq, margaritas, tequila, dive and swim and zouk all along the way!
    More info and details will be posted!

    ★ Zouk Party on a 72′ power yacht
    ★ Snorkeling with Sea turtles, Stingrays, colorful fish, coral reefs, etc
    ★ High-dive off the top deck
    ★ Eat a delicious home cooked meal prepared by the amazing personal chef
    ★ Attempt to drink all of our booze (you won’t succeed!)
    ★ Zouk, Karaoke, swim, party, and party some more
    ★ Live the high life on a yacht in the Caribbean
    ★ Free WiFi at sea, get creative with Insta!

  • 06 Aug 2019 - Tuesday Rooftop Party

    This year’s rooftop party is scheduled at Fiesta Inn! Incredible venue, pools on the rooftop with incredible views!

  • 07 Aug 2019 - Wednesday Closing Party @ Inti Beach

    Our official festival closing party is on Wednesday, November 8th at Inti Beach in the heart of Playa Del Carmen! Enjoy our video from last year’s closing party!

  • 08 Aug 2019 - Thursday Excursion Day

    There are so many incredible places to see in the area! People travel from all over the world to see them. This year we are calling out an official excursion day! We’ll organize an after party location as well. Join us! Check out video from some of us that went to Tulum! As a note, we’ll probably plan for Thursday and Friday. Feel free to stay the weekend, many of us will!

    After Party!
  • 09 Aug 2019 - Friday Retreat

    After ZoukMX, a time to relax with nature, music, dance, yoga and meditation. We will be at a meditation resort and eco-village. It is a healthy detox zone to dive deep into our inner bliss and celebrate life.

    We check in mid-day on Friday, August 9th and check out on Sunday, August 11th. The lodging is inexpensive and includes healthy vegetarian food all weekend. We’ll have a programmed schedule of zouk, yoga and meditation sessions. We will also have zouk socials every night.